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The Scoop is… 
The Best minus the high cost and frustations…

Coder Scoop Inc. was created in 2016  in the mold of co-operatives ( Coders Coop became Coder Scoop) as a way to empower talented programmers. Coder Scoop provides its workers with wages which are often higher than the competition, projects that interest them and are the right fit for their skills, as well as unequaled freedom. This translates into better code! 

For the customer, Coder Scoop offers the opportunity to tap into a large pool of vetted talent with a wide range of skills, at a cost that’s only a fraction of what you would expect for similar institutional programming and design.

Avoid the risks of unsupervised freelancers and mysterious offshore sweat shops, and skip the exorbitant costs of cookie cutter development firms. Don’t pay for pretentious airs and styles — pay just for solid programming — switch to Coder Scoop!

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