Coder Scoop Inc


Do you Love to Code?

If you’re really really good at coding in one specific programming language or framework and love solving problems, can finish what you start and respect deadlines, you could be a good fit for the Scoop! Here are some of the benefits of working with our organization…

Get work that’s challenging

I’t’s hard to get bored when you have a variety of great projects assigned to you, each different from the other and challenging in its own way.

Work where and when you want

Work only the hours you want to work, and work them from home or wherever you feel most comfortable! That’s freedom!

Get Paid every 2 weeks

You don’t have to worry about clients paying their bills. You get paid every 2 weeks for every hour you put in. No tax deductions. No working for free!

Get paid for doing nothing!

If you’re a freelancer and want to unload a client, or there’s work you just can’t do, send it our way, and get a significant commission on every dollar the account generates, for life!


Have a regular job? No problem, moonlight with us and make some serious extra cash!

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