Custom Code

We can create a completely new app or modify an existing one for you at a lower cost than anybody without ever sacrificing quality. We have a wide range of skills so your mobile, web, or desktop app, or your device controller will be programmed by the best people for the task. All our apps will display correctly in mobile devices.



Web Applications

Internet or Intranet

We can create a web based application in PHP, Java, C#, Ruby, Python or any other scripting or compiled language for any O/S. Frameworks are generally used to lower your costs substantially.



Mobile Applications

Android, iOS, Windows 10

We are very experienced in creating native mobile apps for the 3 major platforms and Blackberry using the best development tools available, such as Xamarin.



Devices Controllers

PLC, Arduino, Raspberry PI, etc.

We have developers who specialize in programming industrial and every other type of controllers.




PC, mobile, game consoles

London Ontario is a renown center for game development, be it mobile, console, VR or PC games, so we have a vast pool of top talent to draw from!