When we say

we have the lowest rates for programming

We mean it!

Our prices

are often 1/4 to 1/3 those of our competitors, and for that you get the same or higher quality programming and design.

Skill Hourly rate
Web design and logo design Only $50 CAD ($39 US)
PHP, w/out framework (Ex: Laravel) or CMS (Ex: Wordpress) Only $55 CAD ($43 US)
Microsoft developement (Ex: MVC) Only $55 CAD ($43 US)
Mobile development, any platform Only $55 CAD ($43 US)
Cyber Security Awareness, on premises staff training Please contact us for quote
System security analysis & remediation Please contact us for quote
Source code review / hardening Only $55 CAD ($43 US)
Content optimization Only $55 CAD ($43 US)
NetLogo Only $50 CAD ($39 US)

We have many other skills, all at low prices, just call or email us

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