Coder Scoop Inc


The scoop: get Value AND Deals!

Our competitors take on airs and bill like lawyers. We do the work, minus the attitude and without breaking your budget. How much will you save over the rates charged by traditional firms? Our rates are 1/3rd to 1/5th the competition’s and it’s a pretty good bet we’ll complete the job in less time and do it better! Here are some   sweet perks we offer our customers in addition to regular savings……


10% off

On Your First Project

To  encourage you to go with the best, we’ll  give you 10% off on your first project with the Scoop!

Stacking Discount

10% off

On every related app we do simultaneously

If we create two or more new related apps on a project you get 10% off on each of them. For example, if we do both your Apple and Android mobile apps, a website and an API for your dating service, you’ll get 10% off each! (plus the welcome deal if you’re new!) 

Referral fees

8% for life!

For any client you refer to the Scoop, we’ll pay you a commission of 8% on every dollar* spent by that client for as long as they remain our clients. You get paid every time they pay us! (*before any applicable sales taxes)