Coder Scoop Inc


big Enterprise Projects call for Microsoft

More often than not, when a project is for big enterprise, use of Microsoft technologies is expected and required. Coder Scoop understands this and answers the call!

Scalable and Robust

Large companies need apps that can support a large amount of activity and will run predictably and seacurely 24/7. We design and build your Microsoft based application keeping these objectives in mind.


The MVC framework allow us to hit the ground running when building your application or API. It provides a tremendous amount of tried and tested code that lets us concentrate on the main business logic.

Legacy Code

You may already have a complex application from years past written in legacy code. We have specialists who can maintain and extend this codebase or even upgrade it to the most recent version.


Azure is the preferred hosting service for Microsoft apps. As a Paas, it provides a huge number of services that get your projects  up and running quickly. We know Azure.