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Sizing it Up!

The Scoop: What’s needed for an Accurate Estimate?

Whether it’s to  create or modify a website, mobile app, an API, or all of the above, you will probably want to know “how long will it take” and “how much will it cost?”. These questions are expected, and unless you need just a very rough ballpark, you should want to provide us with a bit of detail on what you hope to create through us.  This basic information will also serve as the basis of the actual development plan. Here are things which help us size up the job, both for completely new projects and existing ones…

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For Completely New Sites or Apps:


What are your goals?

In brief, describe what you want your users to be able to achieve thanks to your innovative application. A summary, in other words.


What should users see & feel?

Describe, screen by screen if possible, what users should see and experience.  If you can, include drawings or diagrams. Even better, point us to features in existing apps that you would like in yours.


Do you have a “pitch deck”?

If you’re looking to get grants or investors in your venture, you may already have a pitch deck prepared, and if this includes any kind of prototype of your product, such as a Power Point slide show, this will likely be more useful in gauging the job than anything else!

For Existing / Orphaned Sites or Apps


Take Screen Shots

Because your app or website already exists, the world has just become an easier place! Take screen shots, and using your favorite image editor, add arrows, notations and text to the image indicating what you want done. If that’s not something you want to do, then describe your changes in an accompanying text. A word processor like Word or Open Office is very useful to combine your texts and screen shots.


What is it coded in?

Since this is a modification or upgrade situation, we’ll need to have a pretty good idea what currently runs your app or website (programming languages, frameworks, operating system, etc.) and which versions if necessary. For example, “WordPress hosted at WpEngine”. If you don’t know, give us a minimum of access and we can probably figure it out!


Give Us a Tour!

Let us play with your app or website. If any login is required, provide us with a temporary account. If you wish, we can also or instead share a screen using Zoom, Hangouts or any other video chat app you prefer  and you can show us what changes and additions you require.