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Special Services

Specialized Services

We can help your business in many different ways. Here are some of the specialized services we offer…

Quality Assurance

Relying on programmers to thoroughly test their code is a risk. Let our dogged professional QA people work with the programmers to not only insure all bugs are found, but that they’re fully resolved!

Project Outlines

We can create a professional project summary, detailed description,  wireframes or prototypes suitable for getting accurate estimates, for your pitch deck, or for any other use.

Code Review

Have an application you’re not sure is ready for prime time? Our experts can review the code and offer a concise critique. If you want us to fix and clean-up the code, we can do that as well.

Code Version Upgrade

Rather than scrapping your old application, it may be possible to upgrade it to work with the latest versions of a programming language, framework, or SDK, thus saving you a fortune.

Code Security

Security is often weak or even nonexistent in custom applications. Let us harden that code for you, avoiding damaging security reports down the line.


If your site or application needs to be translated to a different language, it will be a disaster if you rely on automatic translation. We can provide accurate, contextual translation to/from English, French and Spanish. Inquire about other languages’ availability. 

Niche Programming

Need programming done in a computer language or framework that is either legacy or has few practicing or knowledgeable programmers? We’ve been able to provide clients with such unique talent in many cases, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.