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Top Scoopable Platforms

As mentioned in our page about choosing platforms, selecting the best one for your purposes is critical. Here we look at a few of the most popular and highly recommended. We do most of our work using these platforms (but we do more “niche” ones as well, so inquire!)

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This is the top PHP framework which offers lots of built-in security and has a strong community. It’s a good choice for enterprise solutions on a budget, for APIs and anything that has advanced requirements.

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For big business, Microsoft’s .Net, especially ASP.Net MVC is usually the first choice for web based applications. When hosted on Microsoft’s own  Azure, the possibilities are practically endless.

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The most popular CMS in the known universe! Thanks to its huge community of programmers, it comes with tens of thousands of extensions. This is always the choice for a website where functionality is within normal requirements.

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Apple iOS

While Apple’s mobile platform is dwarfed by Android’s market share, its phones are the main choice for business people and the wealthy and therefore cannot be ignored.

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35% of all smartphones on earth run on Google’s open source mobile operating system, and thus every mobile marketing strategy must include it.

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