The American Advantage

Our American customers enjoy many advantages from using our Ontario, Canada based services...


The US Dollar Goes Further!

You'll be billed our same ultra low prices as Canadians pay, except that the US dollar is usually worth between 1.25 and 1.35 Canadian, so you get a big additional discount!

Your Rights are Protected

When you offshore to where labor is cheap, they could steal your ideas or just take your money and run, with total impunity. The Canadian and US economies are tightly integrated -- you're protected. Also, we're near you geographically, while the other guys might as well be on another planet!!

We Understand Each Other!

The Southern Ontario accent isn't that different from that of millions of Americans. In fact when we visit the USA, you don't know we're Canadian unless we tell you! Did you know actors Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams and Victor Garber are from London, Ontario, where our HQ is located?!! In short, communication won't be an issue, eh?!

No Sales Tax

Our Canadian customers pay a mandatory 13% sales tax. Americans pay none!