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Which Platform?

Which Platform Should you Scoop?

Choosing the right platform to use for your web site or app is critical. By platform, we could be talking about out of the box software or a framework, as rarely is it economical or sensible to create an application completely from scratch. Here we provide the main points to help you make the best choice. 

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Is it Popular?

If it’s widely used, there will be lots of programmers available and the rates should be lower than if it was something very niche. If you choose something that’s not popular, you could be stuck if your programmer leaves.

Is it extendible?

Rarely does any software do everything you require. Good software allows the community of programmers to extend it and create integrations, and provides good documentation for them.

Is it Secure?

Programmers can be lazy or lack the skills to create a secure application. Good frameworks and SDKs (Software Development Kits) provide built-in security that reduces the risk. 

Is it Maintained?

If the platform isn’t actively maintained by the core developers as well as the community, avoid it. Integrations may be out of date or code could be deprecated, for instance.