Coder Scoop Inc

Why the Scoop?

Why should you Choose the Scoop?

In a world full of cookie cutter full service development firms, what makes Coder Scoop different and special and worthy of your business? We give you hints in our client benefits, testimonials and special offers pages, and all of that does make us stand out, but it’s the people and the core philosophies of this company that makes us an asset to you.

Once you Scoop, forever you Scoop!

We guarantee that if you decide to use our services, you will consider yourself a genius and it will be true!


If there’s no passion motivating a company, it’s never gonna work! We are proud to be geeks and we live and breathe computer programming and are rarely happier than when we produce a high quality app that does exactly what the customer needs! We’re definitely not about profits and making shareholders happy!


Our customers generally don’t give us their easy  work, and puzzles, enigmas and mysteries are the stuff we love to sink our teeth into!  Our main criteria for hiring is a knack for problem solving and an eagerness to dig for answers when the solution appears elusive. Our team does not believe in “impossible”.


Lone wolves generally don’t do the best work because it’s impossible for one person to know it all and be highly skilled in everything. To get projects done,  we put together teams of specialists who talk to each other, know their limits and think of what’s best for the application as  well as the customer. Any multi-coder project we do will have a lead programmer to coordinate everybody, or a project manager for the biggest ones.


Hard as one tries to avoid them, mistakes do happen. Blaming it on the customer, believe it or not, is very common in our industry. Would a doctor blame a patient for botching a surgery?! Here at Coder Scoop, we’re grown ups and we aren’t afraid to own our mistakes and correct them, even if it means taking a loss on a project. We know that if we treat our customers with respect, they’ll be loyal to our firm.


Our coders know exactly what’s expected of them and were hired based on their strong skills and work ethic, but they know they can always count on their supervisors to check their work’s quality and progress. For you, our client, these supervisors are there to insure your requests are heard and acted upon in a timely fashion.


Many in our industry take the attitude that they know best and you should just trust them and not bother them. We believe this is wrong, that nobody knows better than you. We are not only always accessible to you, but we aren’t shy about reaching out to you and asking you questions, proposing ideas, and getting your feedback.


If there’s one aspect of our industry that we deplore, it’s the large number of companies and freelancers that are oblivious to security. As a company involved in cyber security, we practice what we preach!  Our applications and our support systems are always optimized for security and privacy, both for you and your end users.