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What's Our Deal?

What Makes us US

A capitalist cooperative composed of special teams honing in on each individual's top skills

Not an Ordinary Joint!

No seriously, we're not just another web development company! We know everybody says that of their own cookie cutter firm, but let us explain why in our case, it's actually true!

You might even say we're in a category of its own! We do things our own way, using our proprietary systems, and it works, by golly!

We urge you to read the true propaganda below so you'll know it won't be the usual menu of empty promises leading to disappointments you're probably accustomed to!

One for All, All for One

That's as true a motto for Coders Cooperative as it was for the 3 Musketeers!

Our cooperative is a group of people with a vested interest in the well being of the company. Everybody at Coders Coop is a capitalist and will benefit from our collective efforts as well as their own through profit sharing. Everybody puts in the work, and if anybody drops the ball, they answer not just to their section leader but also everybody else, and like a reality show, they could be voted out!

Compare our way of doing things to a typical company where employees are a mixed bag, some motivated to perform to move up in the organization, and probably a whole bunch that punch the clock and try to do as little as possible, because hey, it's just a job!

We prefer our way, thanks, and we know you'll agree once you experience our productivity firsthand!

Teams of Teams

Common goals are a large part of our energy, but what makes us work like a well oiled nerd machine is our specialized team structure. Small teams that work together using their top skills.

Thus, we have Team PHP, Team Microsoft, Team Mobile, Team Javascript, Team Systems and Team Python, just to name a few. We also have subteams for further specializations: for example Team Laravel is a subteam of Team PHP, Team iPhone is a subteam of Team Mobile, and Team React is a subteam of Team Javascript.

We don't mix 'n match: your work goes only to the best subteam for it and multiple subteams will handle specific parts of your project and connect to one another. For example: Team Mobile would work with Team Laravel, which would handle coding of the server API, and Team Systems could handle all that concerns deployment at say AWS.

For more about our Teams, click here!

The Right Tools

Not to give away secrets, but efficiency depends largely on the tools we use and that we know how to use them!

For instance, all coders use MS VSCode to program and update source code repos. All use our preferred AI VSCode module to assist in generating and debugging code, and we all generate content like images using the best AI tools as well (Ex: Midjourney).

More importantly, we're all connected via our proprietary secure interface known colloquially as D.B. Cooper (in reference to the company name and a joke about a legendary plane jumping thief!). D.B. Cooper is how we assign work to subteams and individual coders, and how our time is tracked for any given task for accurate billing.

We're not out to reinvent the wheel, however, so we use a slew of other safe popular tools to communicate and do our work. The art is in picking the best tools for the job, and being nimble enough to switch to new better tools should they become available.

There's much more to our unique story! Anything else that you want to know about our 8 year old cooperative, contact us and we'll dutifully answer any questions you may have!

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