Coder Scoop Inc. (aka Coders Coop) despite the funny company name, is a very serious business! It has a physical presence in London, Ontario, and was created as a way to empower talented programmers. For those who are skilled, Coder Scoop seeks to bring them challenging work and a sense of pride that comes from being self-employed yet part of an organization with a large team of like minded professionals

For the customer, Coder Scoop offers the opportunity to tap into a large pool of vetted talent with a wide range of skills, at a cost that's only a fraction of what you would expect for professional programming and design.


the mission

To provide a much better service than the other guys, at a much lower price and on much easier terms!

At rates that are so ridiculously low that offshoring will make no sense!


the promise

We promise to not be like the other guys! We do what we promise you, and you can verify that 24-7!


the support

Insanely attentive customer service, 24-7! You can actually speak directly with managers and programmers.

No games. Straight answers in plain English. We fix bugs as soon as you report them!


the product

We'll insure that what you get is according to your specs, done right and bug free.

We are members of Techalliance