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We do...
web design

Cyber Security

Not just pen testing
but training your staff,
to protect your business.

We make...

Web Apps

Web applications and APIs using the latest
frameworks like Laravel, ASP.Net MVC, VueJS, ReactJS & NodeJS

web design
We make...
web design

Mobile Apps

Creating mobile apps for
the 3 major platforms, using the
best development tools available,
such as Xcode, Android Studio & Xamarin

What makes us the right choice?

Traditional Firm

Fancy offices, employee perks, support staff... and you're paying for it!

Coder Scoop

Almost NO overhead, passing the savings over to you, the customer.


Low-cost code mills in countries in the developing world, where laws are lax and your legal options nil.

Coder Scoop

We are in Canada, where International law applies. That said, our prices are very affordable too!


Does he/she have the needed skills? Nobody checks their code! Will he/she complete the project on time (if at all) & on budget?

Coder Scoop

We use only proven programmers and supervise them, insuring it's done right, on time and on budget.

About Us


Coder Scoop Inc. was created in the mold of co-operatives as a way to empower talented programmers. Coder Scoop provides its workers with wages which are often higher than the competition, projects that interest them and are the right fit for their skills, as well as unequaled freedom. This translates into better code!

Accredited BBB member Alignable


For the customer, Coder Scoop offers the opportunity to tap into a large pool of vetted talent with a wide range of skills, at a cost that's only a fraction of what you would expect for similar institutional programming and design.

Contact Us

Contact us by phone, email or the contact form to the right for immediate attention. Consultations are always free and unbiased.

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Business Address:
201 King Street,
London, ON
N6A 1C9

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Canada / USA, Toll Free :
London : (519) 914-0144
Toronto : (416) 613-5950

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