Why We're Your Right Choice

Affordability and Experience are key, but our ability to quickly adopt new tools and tech are what gives us the edge.

We're All-in on AI

If your programmers aren't using AI tools to create your apps, texts and images, they're charging you too much and need to go back to school!

We use AI tools because they save a significant amount of time, and this translates into considerable savings for you.

Incidentally, all images on this website are AI generated, and its programming was created with the help of AI as well.

Read our paper about AI vs our industry

Only the Best People

As a service business, our people are our most valuable asset. We are very careful in choosing who joins our team. Everybody is tested for their skills but also for their compatibility.

To fit in, coders have to know how to manage their time and work effectively within a big team. An otherwise brilliant programmer who's a lone wolf and always thinks his version of things is the only correct one is a liability for everybody concerned. Ditto someone who knows how to code but doesn't have problem solving skills.

After hiring the right people, keeping them on and making sure their skills keep up with an ever evolving realm is critical. Our co-operative structure makes every team member the beneficiary of their part of any company profits on top of their regular pay, so everybody here has the pride of ownership and a strong incentive to stick around!

Waste Free

In this industry as in so many others, your fees typical go toward paying off many superfluous company expenses.

Fancy offices, a sales team that gets a big cut of every sale, advertising expenses, company vehicles, assistants and more assistants, so on and so forth! No wonder some rival companies charge like law firms!

Unfortunately, they often pay their programmers less, not more, to cut their operating costs. We don't need all the things that we don't need, we all work from home and rely on referrals and website originated sales, and this means much lower rates for our customers without sacrificing anything.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

It's time you stopped wasting your time and money on developers that don't deserve it! Fly the Coop & Hire the Coop!

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