Ready for a Change?

Ease into your new team

Have an orphaned project?

Unlike many in our industry we never shun taking over a project, and we'll never tell you lies like many do, namely that your app is garbage and has to be redone completely. That's not a nice thing to do to someone who might've already sunk $30,000 into their pet project!

Chances are, it can be fixed, and this will be evident once we review its codebase.

Have an Idea for a Killer App?

Let us bring your vision to reality in complete confidentiality.

That said, if we know it's not such a great idea, we will communicate that to you, explaining why it shouldn't be built or how it can be made better. We don't just take your money and not care about outcomes. We care about your success even if we're not totally responsible for it.

In the same vein, if it's something we can't do, and there isn't much we can't, or that we can't fit in, we'll point you to someone who can rather than biting off more than we can chew!

Not Sure what's the best platform for your app?

That's OK, we'll give you more than one option, and not just steer you to the one that makes us the most money or that we prefer. We'll lay out the advantages and any disadvantages of each option, as well as an idea of the cost differences.

For example. if your idea for an app is well suited for both major mobile platforms but requires some server based assets to store and retrieve data, we'll spell out the options on the latter, whether it be a custom API or just using a 3rd party service like Firebase. We'll also outline whether or not both mobile apps can be made from the same codebase using a multiplatform IDE, or if going native for each would be preferable.

Worried about Funding?

Almost every project starts with the product owner's own money, and/or that of family and friends.

It's usually not wise to mortage your home or get into debt no matter how confident you are about your project's potential. Finding 3rd party funding such as from venture capitalists is not easy and unlikely until your project is actually on the market and making money.

We understand your situation and can also advise you on how you can move forward with your dream project!

Ready to Blast Off? The next step is to tell us what you need done and your project will soon be headed to the launch pad!

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