The Future is All AI?

We're not dumb, we KNOW that sooner than later AI will do all the programming, not humans!

Sea Change: LLM & generative AI

The big breakthrough in AI was the LLM, or Large Language Model which was developed by OpenAI. Thanks to the trillions of pages of text, images and videos on the Internet, AI systems can be fed enormous amounts of data which they can learn from. Think of LLM as a neural system and then you realize what an incredibly complex brain it is!

We're at the cusp of huge disruptions in all sectors of the economy, and AI has an outsized role in this sea change. For one, robotics combined with AI makes human-like but better than human robots a reality and quite frankly, the applications of this technology are infinite!

All over the world, labs backed by the captains of industry and governments are working feverishly to bring to market AI dependent products.

RIP Programmers

Devin, a 100% AI software engineeer being developed by Cognition Labs seems destined to potentially replace millions upon millions of programmers, and we don't doubt many others are working on its competitor. We have no idea what their business model(s) will be yet: If it will be an expensive standalone software package or if it will be a SaaS type service anybody can afford.

Obviously, the first scenario favors software development companies a bit more, but in either case, developers as they now exist will become mostly superfluous. The future for us if we're to survive is to become experts in getting the best results out of the AI tools on behalf of customers, because laymen don't necessarily know how to approach problems and AI will still need human supervision for a while yet!

Already, we make extensive use of AI in our work, so adopting the new technology that's coming will be easier though we can't deny not everybody will be happy with this future! Who are we to get in the way of progress?

RIP Programming Languages

Programming languages exist solely for humans. Computers speak only one language: machine language. These are instructions built into the CPUs themselves and every single software ever in existence gets simmered down to this base level set of instructions.

Now, if humans will no longer be needed to program computers, ditto all the programming languages! For a while, some programming languages will remain in use so the AI software engineers work can be checked by humans, but it's our bet that eventually pure machine language representations (like Assembly) or something very close to it, will be the only thing left.

To paraphrase many a futurist prophet: humans suck at programming, machines are better at programming machines. Of course, we don't suck, but we truly believe we're no match for machines and that's why we're excited about the near future, even if it impacts our co-op!

Why Even Bother?

We're absolutely certain of what we just exposed, and surely you're asking yourself: why do we even bother?

Why continue down a dead end road? Why should you invest in an app that potentially could be created by AI alone if you wait? Valid questions, but change is never completed overnight. Horses co-existed with automobiles for many years. CDs and DVDs were still widely used for some time after streaming hit its stride. Etc.

If you have an idea for an app and you wait, somebody else might come out with the same app in the meantime, for one, but let's not forget that the world still needs mobile, web and desktop apps! The technology to create them 100% with AI isn't here yet, and even when it is, it might be out of your reach cost-wise.

So...waiting has a slim chance of paying off, but we emphasize slim! The wait for an AI software engineer of your own could take years! In the meantime, our company gives you the full economic benefits of what established AI tools can give you!

Ready to Rock?

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